I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to like the new Andrew Bird album, it just seems like the kind of music for people who go around using words like paradoxical and calling splattered paint art.  I’m probably more familiar with his highly impressive collection of gig posters than his former work, but I heard “Eyeoneye” early on and was very intrigued.  Then I learned that most of the album was captured during a week-long cabin session where most of the songs were recorded live and I couldn’t help taking Break It Yourself for a spin.  I wouldn’t say that I am a complete believer yet but after several listens I’d say my relationship with Andrew Bird has certainly been taken “to the next level.”

Break It Yourself begins with the plucky sounds of “Desperation Breeds” that quietly soars while implementing all the strange and intricate sounds that make up the album as a whole.  “Danse Caribe” is a stand out, balancing styles ranging from celtic to folk with ease and “Give It Away” makes for a smooth transition into the album’s best track.  “Eyeoneye” combines all the things Bird does best with a straight forward rock sound, which results in one stellar tune that crescendos at just the right moment.  The rest of the album plugs right along without a real stinker in the bunch – if you’re into mellow nature-bound music that employs whistling better than most, then this is the album for you.  Songs like “Fatal Shore” and “Lusitania” take advantage of Annie Clark’s vocals and “Near Death Experience Experience” might just make you “dance like a cancer survivor.”  A nice solid album from a veteran artist who continues to develop his sound and put out quality albums.  What could be wrong with that?

Watch Bird jam out on a violin on The Colbert Report below.

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