Who is Bahamas?
Bahamas is a one man band created by Afie Jurvanen.  Afie grew up about 2 hours outside of Toronto, and up until now has been hanging in the shadows – playing and touring with such artists as Jason Collett and Feist.  In 2009 Jurvanen stepped into the spotlight with his debut album Pink Strat, which was only released in Canada.  The album received plenty of praise from the music scene in his home country – but for one reason or another just now saw it’s U.S. release.

What’s It Sound Like?
Bahamas is sure to please fans of M Ward, Damien Jurado and Josh Rouse or anyone who likes super chill and melodic indie tunes.  Jurvanen’s debut album Pink Strat focuses on his soft vocals and fine tuned guitar skills to tell somber and eccentric stories of love and loss.

Why Should You Listen.
Well for one, it is really good stuff.  Jurvanen has created a stripped down intimate sound that has a fresh sound that’s soft and breezy like a warm summer day.  Pink Strat is the kind of album that you pop on and have everyone asking “Who’s This?”.  Afie is well on his way, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon now before he blows up.

What’s Next?
Jurvanen’s new album is due out early next year, and if Pink Strat was the result of an artist breaking out on his own and testing the songwriting waters then we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

If We Could only Suggest One Song.
Check out “Already Yours” in the player below.  It’s a full blown winner.

Want More?
Check out this free download of the really killer Daytrotter session from earlier this year. Also, Pink Strat is avaliable on Itunes – get it, it’s a winner. We’ve also included a video of Afie playing the same tune complete with a nice little fireplace for ambiance.

BAHAMAS – Already Yours from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

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