Rock and Roll is not dead, it is in fact very much alive.  It’s living in old records and forgotten classics, it’s popping up left and right on new albums, and it’s in a van touring across the country as we speak.  

Outside of the gimmicks and mediocrity of popular music, away from conveniently packaged genres and labels of the mainstream media – real rock music lives on.  Now more than ever, there is an abundance of great music old and new – you just have to know where to look for it.

This abundance of material, coupled with today’s mile a minute news cycle has created a culture that just isn’t an ideal fit for music.  Like most art, great music is meant to be absorbed, not immediately devoured.  This need for instant gratification allows gimmicks and trends to reign supreme while great music takes a back seat, often quietly falling through the cracks.  Mediocre bands become stars, the most current news outlet wins and the cycle repeats.   

We are far less concerned with being the hippest or the most up to date, and much more concerned with filling our lives with great music.  We want to strip the labels and preconceived notions and be champions of good music across the board.  Never mind the time period or the genre we’re all about music that evokes emotion, gets you pumped, helps you chill – music you can connect with for the long haul.  

Trends come and go, bands rise and fall, but in the end great music endures.  

Don’t just listen, love your music.