We’re a small but dedicated group of music lovers doing our best to put our passion for great tunes into words. By day, we each walk in the “real world” in one capacity or another, but by night we do our best to write about rock and roll.


One of the founding members of our site, Matt spends his days as an Art Director at a fancy schmancy ad agency. Matt loves muddy guitar riffs and tends to rock a bit harder than the rest of the bunch. He’s the tall guy in front of you at the show, but I can assure you he is really sorry about that.

Elsewhere – http://www.mjsbook.com
Email – mjs@merchantsofrock.com
Twitter – @mattwith2ts


Our resident photographer, Heather is responsible of the lions’ share of the pictures on our site. Ever the double threat, she is also quite the writer in her own right. With a deep love of soul music, she rounds out our staff quite nicely. When she is not taking pictures at the show, she shoots weddings, corporate gigs, and portraits abound

Elsewhere – http://www.heatherwynnphoto.com
Email – heather@merchantsofrock.com
Twitter – @heatherlwynn


Kevin’s full time gig is working with Access College Foundation, a non-profit organization helping high school kids prepare for and ultimately get into college. He is our de facto long form writer, and has never met a word limit that he particularly liked. While his tastes lie mainly in music from the 60s and 70s, he keeps up with the new just enough to stay nice and fresh.

Elsewhere – http://www.accesscollege.org
Email – kev@merchantsofrock.com
Twitter – @kcenedella


Curt spends his days as a Marketing Director where he focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Video Production. He is a sucker for a catchy tune, spends far too high a percentage of his income on vinyl and has an unhealthy hatred for mayonnaise. Despite being a rather conservative dude, he is a pretty big hippy when it comes to his music.
Elsewhere – http://www.mynameiscurt.com
Email – cjw@merchantsofrock.com
Twitter – @mynameiscurt